Our Objective


The first users of E-Malyatko (E-Baby) service


 Dmytro Shchebetyuk, character of the Digital Technologies for People with Disabilities series on the DIIA.Digital Education Platform 


 Dog Patron on the set of a promotional video about Demining Ukraine application 


Citizen Activity Center in Illinets community during the first weeks of the full-scale invasion


We are the international technical assistance program that was the first in Ukraine to start on the comprehensive digital transformation of the state.

Our objective is to improve the quality of life of Ukrainians through implementing convenient and transparent governance services. To ensure that citizens do not waste time on bureaucracy and collecting documents. To ensure public services are easily accessible everywhere: from the capital to remote mountain villages. To create all preconditions in society that residents of any region can easily influence life in their communities through initiating projects and addressing local authorities. To make communication with the government user friendly everywhere, regardless of the place where you live.

Electronic Governance for Accountability and Participation (EGAP) is financed by Switzerland and implemented by East Europe Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Areas of Activity

Digitization of public services

Introduction of e-democracy tools

Digital transformation of regions and hromadas

Assistance in developing public policies

Improving digital skills of the population

Support of IT startups

About us in numbers


digital services

18 million

users of digital tools we helped create

8 years

We have been working on digitalization in Ukraine for eight years.

11 060 813 ₣r

Total Program Budget - 11,060,813 Swiss Francs


local self-government bodies participate in our Projects

6 Regions

Receive our comprehensive support and e-services are launched all over Ukraine

Our projects

DIIA.Digital State

DIIA.Digital State

DIIA (or “Action” in the Ukrainian language).Digital State is a comprehensive project to make interaction between the state and citizens convenient, transparent and humane.

  • 20 million app users
e-DEM Platform

e-DEM Platform

e-DEM Platform is the first Ukrainian platform to consolidate electronic democracy tools.

  • 2 million platform tool users
  • 239 643 registered accounts
  • 546 local governments connected to the platform
DIIA.Digital Education

DIIA.Digital Education

DIIA.Digital Education is the largest digital literacy platform

  • 1.8 million citizens take online courses
  • > 2.5 million certificates were received by platform students
  • 16 courses were developed with our support
SVOI Platform

SVOI Platform

SVOI.Platform is a site-builder and chatbot for interaction between citizens and local authorities.

  • 460 communities connected to the Platform
  • 60 066 users


eMalyatko is a state service to allow parents of newborns to receive up to 10 state services with one online application.

  • > 356 thousand families used the service
  • 90 percent of users are satisfied with the service
Services for Individual Entrepreneurs on the Diia Portal

Services for Individual Entrepreneurs on the Diia Portal

Services for individual entrepreneurs - on the DIIA portal - opening, making changes or closing a sole proprietor’s legal entity available online.

  • > 300 thousand citizens registered as sole proprietorships online
  • > 152 thousand citizens ceased business activity online
  • > 126 thousand citizens modified their business information online
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Our partners


Supported by Switzerland
Egap team

EGAP Action

We develop strategies and train specialists in digital security and working with electronic services and we offer digital literacy trainings for citizens.

We have three components in our work: Electronic services, electronic democracy and regional digitization.

We provide targeted support to 40 pilot communities which were selected on a competitive basis in 5 target regions — Vinnytsia, Volyn, Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk and Odesa. We conduct audits, draw up digitization plans and implement tools to improve interaction with citizens.

During the Russian aggression in Ukraine, we help communities adapt to new challenges, support forcibly displaced persons and cooperate with national partners to create digital solutions for the security and protection of the rights of Ukrainians.

Sustainable partnership and joint initiatives with state and local authorities are the foundation of our work. Together, we will be able to turn the state into a convenient service and make citizens true participants in decision-making.