Call for applications to organize a study visit on e-democracy

East Europe Foundation within the Swiss-Ukrainian E-Governance for Accountability and Participation (EGAP) program is looking for a contractor to organize an international study visit on e-democracy for a group of Ukrainian local officials, NGO representatives and experts.

EGAP is a Swiss-funded technical assistance program aimed to introduce modern information and communication technologies that will promote good governance, improve communication between the government and citizens, and promote social innovations in Ukraine. EGAP Program is funded by Swiss Confederation and implemented by East Europe Foundation and InnovaBridge Foundation in partnership with the State Agency on E-governance of Ukraine. More information can be found at:,

The goal of the study visit is to share practical information on e-democracy practices in one of the countries of Eastern or Central Europe, with advanced practices of e-democracy on both national and local levels.  The participants of study visit will be officials representing the regional governments or municipalities, representatives of non-governmental organizations, leading Ukrainian experts in e-democracy sphere. 

The study visit agenda should cover the following topics:

  • promotion of e-democracy at the national and local level;
  • ensuring of substantive citizen input into local decision-making via IT tools;
  • establishing effective communication between the governments and the citizens;
  • involving of vulnerable groups into the decision making through e-democracy instruments;
  • development of the national and municipal legislative regulation of the sphere;
  • e-democracy instruments (e.g., e-petitions, e-public consultations, e-voting), their influence, effectiveness and sustainability;
  • e-identification (existing methods, architecture, e-signature, etc.);
  • training and re-training of public servants on e-democracy. 

Planned dates of the visit: November 2018

Study tour duration: 4 working days

Number of participants: 10 participants

Working language: English 

Responsibilities of the Contractor:

  • organization of the study tour agenda;
  • accompanying the group to the visits and events;
  • booking the hotel and organizing the meals;
  • providing transportation for the group between the meetings and transfers from and to airport. 


Applications for study visit organization (as well as requests for additional information) should be sent by e-mail to address

Deadline for submitting applications: September 19, 2018.

Application should include:

  • Information about the company/organization;
  • Draft study visit program (with possible dates in November 2018);
  • Study visit budget breakdown with two parts 1) organization fees and training costs, lunch and local transportation costs, and 2) accommodation of the participants.