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  • Checking invalid documents

    Many risks can be avoided by spending a few minutes to check information. Checking the validity of documents online allows you to instantly verify whether a Ukrainian passport or other ID is in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Migration Service databases.

    Checking the database for invalid documents not only helps avoid being swindled by individuals with false passports, but it is also useful for employers, individuals and organizations who want to entrust their property or valuables to others.

    This service is especially useful because of the large number of old-style passport books that are easy to counterfeit. The complete switch from old documents to secured biometric IDs and passports is likely to take a few more years.

    You can check this database for:

    • Ukrainian domestic passports
    • Ukrainian international passports
    • Temporary Ukrainian citizenship card
    • Stateless person international travel document
    • Refugee status card
    • Travel document for children and others.

    What you need to do

    1. Go to the Government Portal to the E-Services page, choose the category Citizenship and migration, Passport documents, Checking invalid documents.
    2. Indicate the type of document (passport, ID, travel, etc), the series and number.
    3. Get the result immediately.

    This service is updated daily and contains information about nearly one million invalid, stolen or lost documents.

    This and dozens of other services are accessible on the Government Portal and the Diia platform, your one-stop-shop for individual or business communication with the government.

    Video of the “E-services” component Coordinator Oleksii Zelivianskyi about passport verification online.