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    Registering a community organization or HO is one of the first e-services exclusively for the civil society sector developed by the EGAP Program in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the State Agency for E-Governance — now the Ministry of Digital Transformation. This service allows users to submit documents and receive responses about the registration of their community organization online.

    Community organizations are an integral part of civil society. They allow individuals to have active input into the workings of the state, and to make community life more effective, organized and dynamic.

    Since June 2019, it’s been possible to register a community organization online, regardless of where its founders are.

    What you need to do

    1. Log in to your personal account in the Online Palace of Justice.
    2. Fill in an application, attaching to it all the necessary supporting documents in PDF format.
    3. Sign the documents using your digital signature.
    4. Your document will be received by the state registrar to make the necessary decision within three working days.

    Having more than one founder is not a problem. Today, each of them can sign documents remotely. The applicant provides co-founders of the organization access to the documents that are being submitted via a link. Once all the co-founders have signed them, the documents are automatically sent to the state registrar.

    Submitting the application and the required set of documents take no more than 30 minutes. This and dozens of other services are accessible on the Government Portal and the Diia platform, your one-stop-shop for individual or business communication with the government.

    Video of the “E-services” component Coordinator Oleksii Zelivianskyi about online registration a community organization (HO).