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    Administrative Services Centers or TsNAPs have become the face of digital transformation in the oblasts, ensuring Ukrainians service without red tape, queues and wasted time. Launched by the EGAP Program in coordination with local government agencies and oblast state administrations, regional service portals have been playing a major role in this process.

    Regional service portals are typically integrated with the software of the TsNAP system in the oblast. This primarily means the TsNAP catalog and information about the services that are accessible through them.

    The portals also provide information about the kinds of documents necessary to get specific administrative services, where and how these can be had, regulations governing the provision of specific services, the address of local centers, their working hours and their web address.

    These portals handle the electronic document flow and automated exchange of data between the TsNAPs and those seeking administrative services.

    In addition, you can track the progress of an application or request a place in a queue through these portals.

    Regional portal of administrative and public services in Vinnytsia

    Volyn e-services portal