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    The digital transformation of the oblasts is one of our priority objectives. During its first phase, 2015-2019, the EGAP Program worked with oblast state administrations (ODAs), local government agencies, and civil society organizations (CSOs) to develop and carry out regional informatization programs.

    The Regional Informatization Program is a document that is drawn up and approved in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On local government in Ukraine”, guided by the Laws “On the National Informatization Program” and “On targeted government programs”.

    All measures directed at developing the information space in the oblasts, such as by instituting electronic document flow or introducing new and supporting existing information systems, are, in fact, informatization measures. They are supposed to be reflected in related programs at the proper level.

    This document also regulates the financing of informatization in the oblast. The program includes a concept, objectives for three years, tasks for the upcoming budget year, and the program’s technical specs. Its purpose is to ensure public access to digital services by instituting innovative approaches, instruments and technologies for e-governance and e-democracy.