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    The main purpose of the Open City service is for residents to keep City Hall informed about current problems with the general condition of their community. This resource brings the local government closer to its residents and provides an effective mechanism for interaction in resolving the most urgent issues involving housing and residential services, the general condition of infrastructure, and so on.

    The Open City project is a crowdsourcing platform for residents to interact with their local governments and utility providers, and for people to organize their own initiatives.

    For this purpose, the site has a section called “Problems” where people can leave notices about problems. These will be delivered to the responsible agency to deal with.

    This service helps in finding solutions to problems in the city by approaching those on the city council who are responsible for making such decisions. The platform tools make it possible to describe the problem, to mark its location on a map, and to put together an electronic notice.

    What you need to do

    • Log in and select your city.
    • Click on the button Notify and fill in the form.
    • After moderation, your notice will be placed on a map of the city and sent to the responsible agency or service to be handled.
    • Wait for notice of a resolution on the problem page.

    The Open City service is already being used by 70 communities, which have solved more than 22,000 problems, large and small.