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    The social program called “Municipal Nanny” has operated in Ukraine since January 1, 2019. Through it, the Government partly reimburses parents for the cost of paying a nanny to mind their children up to the age of three. This is a great bonus for parents and an opportunity for nannies to work officially at a job that will give them credit towards their pensions. The EGAP Program has promoted online access to this program.

    The Municipal Nanny can be an individual registered as a physical entity-entrepreneur (FOP) or a legal entity who provides childcare services, with whom a contract or agreement is signed for the provision of such services for children up to the age of three. Parents or guardians of children under three have the right to apply to the Municipal Nanny program provided that they have signed such an official contract with a nanny. What’s more, the reimbursement money does not affect the payment of maternity leave, leave for the purpose of taking care of a child, or any other social benefits or subsidies received by the family.

    What you need to do

    1. Register or log in at this link.
    2. Fill out two applications: one to get reimbursed for the Municipal Nanny service and one to have the reimbursement transferred to you.
    3. Make sure your application includes:
    • a scan of the service contract between the recipient and the nanny;
    • a scan confirming payment to the nanny: a receipt, a bank transfer receipt, or a bank statement;
    • a scan of the child’s birth certificate;
    • for foreigners or stateless persons, a scan of the document confirming their legal residence in Ukraine.

    4. Attach your digital signature to the applications and submit them.

    The amount of the reimbursement is based only on the subsistence minimum for children under the age of six.

    This service is already available on the Diia Portal, the one-stop-shop for individuals and businesses to communicate with government agencies.