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    Having a child is an important event in your life that requires planning and involves additional expenses. The Government of Ukraine provides maternity benefits to the parent or guardian with whom the child resides on a permanent basis.

    A streamlined way to receive this service is now available online, thanks to the EGAP Program.

    The parents of a newborn very often have little time to even sleep, let alone to waiting in line. It’s precisely for them that we reduced the process of getting maternity benefits to a few clicks on a screen.

    What you need to do

    1. Register or log into your online office for e-services from the Ministry of Social Policy.
    2. Fill out the online application for services and sign it with your digital signature.
    3. Your completed application will automatically go to a social services agency.
    4. Provided you have filled out the application properly, the social agency will determine the benefit you should receive. If you apply online with a digital signature, this response should arrive no later than the following day. If you apply by e-mail, it will take maximum 15 working days.

    The maternity benefit is UAH 41,280, which is issued as follows: a one-time payment of UAH 10,320, followed by UAH 860 a month for the next 36 months.

    This service is already available on the Diia Portal, the one-stop-shop for individuals and businesses to communicate with government agencies.

    Video of the “E-services” component Coordinator Oleksii Zelivianskyi about online maternity benefit.