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  • Registering a TOV (limited company)

    Business is a country’s economic DNA. That’s why, together with the Ministry of Justice and the State Agency for E-Governance — now the Ministry of Digital Transformation —, we streamlined the process of doing business by setting up online registration of a limited company or TOV. Since 2019, it takes only a few clicks to set up a company or to make changes to its statutory documents.

    A limited liability company or TOV is the most common form of doing business in Ukraine, covering 76% of all legal entities. The online system for registering a TOV provides boilerplate statutes that can be purpose edited and submitted along with an application to use the simplified tax system and register as a payer of the value-added tax or VAT.

    Both for newly registered and for existing TOVs, the model of governance, name, management, and type of activity, and the procedures for paying dividends, increasing statutory capital and convening shareholder meetings can all be selected remotely.

    What you need to do

    1. Log in to your personal account in the Online Palace of Justice.
    2. Fill in your application, choosing the options for your preferred model of statutes, and add the digital signature(s) of the founder(s).
    3. Your application and documents will be received by the state registrar to make the necessary decision within one working day.

    This and dozens of other services are accessible on the Government Portal and the Diia platform, your one-stop-shop for individual or business communication with the government.