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  • “Goosie likes e-services!”

    The main goal of electronic services is to benefit users. This is why we wanted the maximum possible number of Ukrainians to learn about the benefits of online applications for government services. One of our public awareness campaigns developed an internet character called Goosie.

    The goose is emblematic of simplicity. In this campaign, the goose talks with humor about everything it sees around, explains complicated things, and isn’t afraid to tell the truth. As a result, it’s very popular.

    The main point is that, if the goose has no problems arranging for documents right at home, then anyone can do it. As examples of the services Ukrainians can access over the internet are getting maternity benefits, registering as an FOP, applying for construction permits and household subsidies, getting certificates of no police record, and getting an extract of a property deed. All of this can be done “without queues, middlemen or bribes”.

    The public awareness campaign was developed by the EGAP Program in cooperation with the State Agency for e-Governance — today the Ministry of Digital Transformation — and the Art Nation group of companies.

    Posters with Goosie were published in light boxes and billboards in the five biggest cities, in UkrZaliznytsia trains, and in post offices, and a video clip was posted online, along with contextual and banner ads.