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    To lighten the first few days of parenthood, the EGAP Program has worked with the Ministry of Digital Transformation to set up an innovative government service called eBaby, which allows parents to arrange for 10 services with a single application.

    Previously, getting all these services required the parents to go to some 11 different agencies, collect up to 37 documents, and waste nearly 10 days in the process. eBaby is a service that encompasses all the services connected to the birth of a child in a single application that can be submitted in the maternity ward, the CNAP, or the State Registry of Civil Status.

    eBaby includes:

    • registering the birth of a child;
    • establishing a place of residence for the child;
    • establishing the child’s parentage;
    • applying for maternity benefits;
    • applying for benefits for a child in a large family;
    • entering information about the child into the e-Patient registry;
    • entering information about the child in the Single State Demographic Registry;
    • applying for an individual tax number for the child;
    • establishing the child’s Ukrainian citizenship;
    • applying for IDs for parents and children of a large family.

    Within four months of the launch of the project, more than 3,000 families to whom a new child was born made use of eBaby services. By the end of the year, this service will be available to all Ukrainians on the government services portal Diia.

    The commercial about eBaby service.