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    E-Democracy fosters interaction between the government and the public in resolving a variety of important social issues. This is why we set up E-DEM, the first Ukrainian platform that brings together the most effective and popular instruments of e-democracy in one resource.

    Since 2018, the “Single Platform for Local e-Democracy” has been the one-stop-shop for access to the four instruments of e-Democracy.

    After logging in once on the platform, the user won’t need to input personal data again to use the various services on E-DEM:

    • The Public Budget allows voters to decide what projects they want budget funds to go to.
    • Local petitions let voters have input into the development of their community by addressing their government agencies through petitions.
    • Open City allows voters to resolve issues by addressing the individual on the City Council responsible for a given decision.
    • e-Consultations give local government agencies the opportunity to involve residents in discussing the development of the city and the community.

    Е-DEM is the product of best practices in interacting with communities, based on actual cooperation with them. This platform offers individuals easy, convenient access to a number of e-democracy tools that they can actually use. These tools have been designed to establish the best possible feedback between the public and the government in resolving a wide range of socially important issues.

    More than 40,000 Ukrainians have successfully used this service so far.