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    E-consultations were set up by us in partnership with the State Agency for E-Governance — now the Ministry of Digital Transformation — for government agencies that want to be on the same wavelength as their communities — and for residents who want to co-sponsor decisions, initiatives and local policies and to influence them in a convenient way.

    Online consultations are an effective tool for national and local governments to discuss issues or propositions involving strategic areas, activities, actions or policies, with their voters.

    With the help of this service, you can request:

    • consultations: the publication of an option for resolving an issue with the opportunity to comment;
    • simple surveys: questions and a closed list of possible responses, questions and a single possible response, questions with several options for a response;
    • complex surveys: a questionnaire with the possibility of editing answers, by designating a fixed range of points or ranking;
    • discussing the legal and regulatory base: the publication of a legal or regulatory act with the opportunity to comment.

    E-Consultations engage active voters with different views, who can express their opinions on a given issue without leaving their homes, and offer their own solutions.

    With the help of e-Consultations, the public can participate in deciding different issues, such as choosing which streets should get repaired first, or deciding which schools will stay open and which ones can be closed. In 2018, e-Consultations became the most popular means of consulting with ministries, central executive bodies (CEBs), and local executive bodies (LEBs). The kinds of issues that residents raised included repairing streets, holding celebrations in the city, reconstructing parks, changing street names, and much more.

    Individuals can use e-Consultations after a one-time registration using their BankID or digital signature.