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    Diia.Digital State is the largest-scale digital project in Ukraine today, which we are carrying out jointly with the Ministry of Digital Transformation. Its goal is to make it easy and transparent for individuals and business to communicate with their government.

    To transform Ukraine into a digital state, many services still need to be digitized, the legal framework needs to be updated, the work of state registries needs to be streamlined, and technological capabilities and data protection need to be ensured. These changes will affect not only administrative services but also such sectors as healthcare, business, education, transport, the court system, issues related to democracy, and so on.

    This initiative has led to the launch of the Diia government services portal. Diia, meaning “action”, is the access point to all public services that the government provides to individuals and businesses. Everything on this site is clear, quick and easy-to-understand. The services have been completely streamlined, the language is simple, and the interface is based on UX/UI design. MinDigit plans for 100% of government services to be accessible online by 2024. As of May 2020, the Diia system has already been visited by over 2.3 million users.

    The concept of the digital state was preceded by the development of Diia as a national brand, which was also done with the support of the EGAP Program. The Diia brand stands for “the State and I” and is based on the contemporary idea that interactions between individuals and their government should be easy, understandable and quick. They should not waste time or energy, nor should they involve unnecessary dealings with bureaucrats, which is a great way to cut out corruption.

    Video about Diia