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    Together with the State Agency for E-Governance — now the Ministry of Digital Transformation —, we have placed all administrative services in a small “suitcase” that travels to people who, for health or other reasons, are unable to visit a СNAP personally.

    Mobile suitcase is a compact but full-range working toolkit for the СNAP administrator. The mobile suitcase app allows an administrator to work off-site with an individual just the same as they would in their office.

    Mobile suitcases bring administrative services to the elderly, the disabled, and those who are in the hospital or for other reasons cannot visit a СNAP in person.

    The СNAP staffer’s secured “James Bond suitcase” is equipped with a laptop computer, 3G modem, compact printer, mini-scanner, power bank, and a POS terminal to receive documents and apply for administrative services at the applicant’s location. You can examine the suitcase here.

    Mobile suitcases have been provided to 12 СNAPs in four oblasts where the EGAP Program is being implemented. During Q1 of 2020, they were used more than 130 times.