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    Together with the State Agency for e-Governance — now the Ministry of Digital Transformation — and a coalition of 20 civil society organizations (CSOs), the EGAP Program has developed a Concept for the Development of e-Democracy.

    The Concept for the Development of e-Democracy emerged after dozens of working sessions between government agencies, the coalition of CSOs and community activists, and a virtual town hall that brought in more than 1,000 propositions that were reviewed and considered. Approved by the Cabinet in November 2017, this Concept forms the legal foundation for the development of electronic democracy in Ukraine.

    The purpose of the Concept is the further development and entrenchment of e-democracy in Ukraine. This should ensure that ordinary Ukrainians are engaged in communication and  cooperation with government agencies, oversee them, are actively involved in developing policies, and active in further developing grass-roots organizations and self-government. Hopefully, all this will increase the level of trust in government agencies.