First Cycle of National EGAP Challenge Launched

This April, the Ukrainian community was presented with the EGAP Challenge, a contest of IT projects on e-democracy. The challenge is intended to produce effective tools to help citizens receive new high-quality services, cooperate with the government efficiently and to directly influence it, and help the government reach a new level of transparency and efficiency. Each EGAP Challenge cycle will consist of 5 stages: determining the project topics – stimulating ideas – creative weekends – incubation – support of the winners. Based on the results of the discussion, the organizers will announce the topics for IT projects in the first challenge cycle: tools for effective cooperation between citizens, government, and business.

Please follow the link to find out more about the terms of participation and challenge deadlines or apply for the challenge.

The first cycle has a rather wide range of topics; therefore, the organizers of the EGAP Challenge will focus primarily on supporting the tools that will help to improve cooperation between the local authorities and citizens, increase community participation in policy-making, increase government transparency and openness, etc. For instance, services allowing citizens to address issues that are of concern to everyone: combine efforts to resolve social problems and welfare issues; track the disbursement of budget funds; take part in planning budget funds; supervise the government’s actions; etc.

Starting next week, community events will start four pilot platforms of the challenge (Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Lutsk, and Odesa). Their purpose is to stimulate and encourage ideas as well as to prepare participants for creative weekends planned for late June. Keep an eye on announcements on the contest webpage and in social networks.

Teams may apply for participation in creative weekends till June 15, 2016, at the portal. The organizers recommend the interested teams to make good use of the remaining time, namely to form a team, acquire support from non-governmental organizations and the local government, have discussions with the stakeholders on the problems of cooperation with the government that require urgent solutions, think of an idea and its technical implementation, and apply to take part in the challenge. Teams from all Ukrainian regions are invited to take part in the challenge.

Reference information: EGAP Challenge is an initiative of the Electronic Governance for Government Accountability and Community Participation (EGAP) Program implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation, InnovaBridge foundation, State Agency for Electronic Governance, and partners, with the support from the Swiss Confederation. The program is intended to apply modern information and communication technologies to help improve the quality of government, cooperation between the government and the citizens, and promote the development of social innovations in Ukraine.

Partner projects are leading IT companies, including IBM, Cisco Systems, De Novo, and Intel. The contribution made by business partners to the challenge involves the provision of company products and services, expert support, and mentoring. Their involvement in training and provision of their own technologies and services for challenge participants ensures the creation of new and innovative IT tools for e-democracy.

Detailed information is available from Kateryna Kopchuk, Public Relations Manager of Eastern Europe Foundation, at (044) 2003824 or e-mail