It projects to compete for uah 2 million in the egap challenge competition have been selected

Based on the results of creative weekends of the first All-Ukrainian competition of the e-democracy IT start-ups — EGAP Challenge that took place in Lutsk, Dnipro, Vinnytsia and Odesa, of 270 projects which had applied for participation, 110 were invited to make presentations of their ideas in four priority areas: education, environment, infrastructure and agriculture. During creative weekends, the participants had the opportunity not only to present their IT solutions but also to work with the mentors with the view of improvement of their ideas and technical mechanism of realisation thereof. After the final presentations of the projects in conformity with the competition’s requirements, the jury identified the finalists of the local pre-incubation:



The project provides access to high-quality free online preparation for an External Independent Testing to all those who needs it: orphan children, boarding school graduates, children from needy families, graduates from schools located in the temporarily occupied territories who plan to enter Ukrainian higher educational establishment and to pupils of the 11th grade who independently prepare to the EIT.

Online courses of the Ukrainian language

The project provides for a comprehensive approach to online learning of Ukrainian as a foreign language and makes it possible for the members of various target groups to improve their command of Ukrainian: to Ukrainians in the occupied territories, Russian-speaking Ukrainians and Ukrainians abroad. It is also planned to create a common centre of certification of the Ukrainian language proficiency.

UkrOP — Ukrainian educational programmes

Interactive portal and mobile applications for high-quality pre-school education of children. The UkrOP’s structure and content is in conformity with the state standard of pre-school education of Ukraine. The exercises combine interesting games and a correctly built environment for preschool children’s development and education.

Competitive selection of textbooks

The platform for evaluation of the quality of the school textbooks, which will make it possible to: 1) conveniently finalise the results of the textbooks selection as a finished form in accordance with the Order of the MESU with the possibility to print it; 2) monitor the generalised indicators as regards the competitive selection of the textbooks at all levels; 3) automatically calculate the results based on the selection in terms of cities, oblasts under various categories.


International online animal platform uniting: 1) national and local databases of identified animals; 2) international search services of lost animals; 3) adoption of stray animals and many other convenient services for vet doctors, dog breeders and pet owners.


Monitoring, systematisation and publishing of data on the state of environment and pollutants at the chosen sites. The project is aimed at raising public awareness of the ecological state of any locality in Ukraine. The web-service’s functions: development of consciousness among the industries and the public, awareness raising and warnings.

Precious plastic

Processing of waste into items and products which are useful for people and the city and which can be obtained or presented via a virtual account. The project provides for an innovative approach for achieving a global target — stop pollution of the planet with the novyny-consumer plastics wastes.

The project will ensure successful communication between people, NGOs and animal shelters. About eight thousand Ukrainians look for animal shelters on the Internet each month. This demand, however, often remains unsatisfied. The platform will provide all necessary information in a convenient way. The website will perform a lot of other various functions, the major one will be to invite people to tame pets.


Effective state enterprises

This portal is designed to assess performance of state enterprises. With the help of easy navigation on the map, it is possible to find all state enterprises of the country and the ministry they are subordinated to. By selecting a particular enterprise, we may obtain more detailed information about it and see its key performance indicators.

Road certificate

Transparency of spending for road repairs with the account taken of various indicators. The aim is making a transparent mechanism enabling improvement of the road conditions, account taken of the most problematic road segments, and transparent procurement. It will be useful for the infrastructure department of oblast state administrations and road users.

Odessa Open rada

The project is to resolve the issues of ignorance on the part of individuals and journalists and civil activists about draft decisions of the city council, offering information about the adopted decisions. Moreover, the project will raise public awareness about the council’s deputies and improve communication with them.


All-Ukrainian portal of councils and decisions. The project will help fight against corruption and maintain communication with the authorities. First of all, it aims at ensuring openness of councils — form the smallest townships to the major territorial communities. The MyRada’s goal is creation of a unified portal to publish councils’ documents and decisions, with a transparent control mechanism.


A gadget intended for vehicles, a device which, with its detectors, identifies a road accident and notifies the traffic control service, and sends data relating to the road accident to a server. Notification contains information about the vehicle, time, location and the reason of the accident. A useful aid for those who use vehicles.


An analytical portal of the Department for Marine and Inland Water Transport. It provides access to the trade turnover database, maritime transport traffic and other port-related data, makes those data open and accessible.



Web-portal for protected procurement of agricultural products and related products. This full-service platform for agrarian businesses where they can sell crops, purchase, obtain information on the prices for agricultural crops, POL and other products, place service orders relating to loans, insurance, shipping, logistics and labs.


Regular control of bally crops and monitoring over uncontrolled logging by means of satellite imagery of which the data are collected, processed and posted on the above web-resource. The project provides analytical information to agrarian businesses, public authorities and other stakeholders.


Feed Mix Analyzer is a system intended for providing analysis of the combined feed at the different stages of its manufacturing in real-time mode. An automated sampler for combined feed factories ready to be placed on the market to help manufacturers reduce testing expenditure, will ruin speculation and corruption, negligence in the process of production of batches of the feed. The system will further assist in improving the quality of the products by Ukrainian manufacturers and generate electronic database of products’ lab testing. There is nothing similar to that system in the world.

The next stage of the competition will be two ideathons to be held in Kyiv, with the participation of representatives from the relevant ministries and twelve mentors, where there will be presentations of the participating projects, their verification and elaboration, with further selection for incubation of 12 projects, three for each area, and in March, in the final of the EGAP Challenge, the selected teams will compete for the financing of their projects out of the competition’s prize fund of UAH 2,000,000.

EGAP Challenge is a joint initiative of the State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine and East Europe Foundation under the EGAP Programme funded by the Swiss Confederation with the support of the Prime Minister of Ukraine.