Presentation of the concept of development of e-democracy in ukraine

On 1 March 2017, at 18:00 at the office of the Reanimation Package of Reforms at the address 6 Olhinska St., the civil society sector announced its plan to draft the Concept of development of e-democracy in Ukraine, with the subsequent submission thereof to the Government (represented by the State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine).

After the last three years since the Revolution of Dignity, Ukraine is making a mighty step in development and introduction of instruments of e-governance and e-democracy. Launch of a public procurement system, more extensive use of the open data, development of e-petitions, transparent budgets, involvement of the public in the budgetary process — all that, according to the UN’s estimates, made it possible for Ukraine to improve its standings in the E-Government Development Index global rating by 45 positions since 2014. In particular, over 50 cities and local governments have introduced open budgets, almost half of the budget holders have registered on the public funds portal E-data. Over 250 cities and regions have introduced e-petitions which are already used by over 1 million individuals. Over 30 cities are in the process of introducing civic budgets (participation). Pilot e-voting for public projects has been recently held in Kyiv, with over 50 thousand citizens taking part therein, which therefore resulted in allocation of UAH 50 million from the budget funds.

The public advocated for inclusion of e-democracy in the Government’s agenda. On 30 November 2016, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine undertook to adopt in 2017 the Concept of the development of e-democracy in Ukraine and the Action Plan for its implementation for the period until 2020, in accordance with its international obligation to implement the initiative Open Government Partnership. In accordance with the ordinance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 30 November 2016 No. 909-p “On approval of the Action Plan for the implementation of the Open Government Partnership initiative in 2016–2018”, the State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine was vested with the power to implement it. The expert community engaged itself in the process. On the basis of the E-democracy working group of the Reanimation Package of Reforms, a new format of rule-making was initiated — uniting of civil society, governmental and international experts by way of making a Coalition of relevant public associations, international projects of assistance to Ukraine and the authorised governmental body. The Coalition for E-democracy in Ukraine was established in December 2016 and it united over 20 NGOs. Within two months, draft Concept and draft Action Plan have been developed.

The Concept takes into account the best international and Ukrainian practices and determines the following priorities:

  • development of the proper legal and regulatory framework;
  • improving practices relating to application of the existing e-democracy instruments (e-requests and e-petitions, client-oriented electronic services, web-portals of various authorities, open data and budgets, civic budgets of participation etc.);
  • creation of a national database of electronic decisions, standards for application and development of relevant instruments at all levels;
  • increase in involvement of the public, the authorities’ transparency and accountability at all levels, and as a result, enhancing of consolidation of active individuals, growth of their trust to one another and to the authorities.

After the Concept has been finalised by the governmental bodies, it is planned to hold public consultations on the draft Concept and draft Action Plan, advocate for them at the national and local levels, and to approve the Concept by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and implement it until 2020 in the framework of co-operation between the members of the Coalition for E-democracy in Ukraine.

Participants in the meeting:

  • Oleksandr Ryzhenko, the Head the State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine;
  • Serhiy Loboyko, lead expert of the E-Democracy Group of the Reanimation Package of Reforms, Head of the Centre for Innovations of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy;
  • Oleksandr Baranov, doctor of law, senior researcher at the Research Center for Legal Informatics of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine Research Institute for Informatics and Law;
  • Anna Barikova, expert at the Centre of Policy and Legal Reform NGO, expert for the E-Democracy Group of the Reanimation Package of Reforms;
  • Sofia Sakalosh, director of the E-Democracy Laboratory at the Podolian Agency of Regional Development NGO;
  • Serhii Karelin, expert of the Eidos Centre for Political Studies and Analysis NGO;
  • Oksana Hubrenko, expert of the Civil Society Online NGO;
  • Liliya Oleksiuk, the Head of the All-Ukrainian Association “Information Security and Information Technology”;
  • Jordanka Tomkova, director of the Swiss-Ukrainian Programme EGAP;
  • Artem Myrhorodskyi, the Head of the Secretariat of the Reanimation Package of Reforms;
  • Andrii Hevko, advocation manager of the Reanimation Package of Reforms.