Please, welcome another tool created in the course of EGAP program

The system of e-petitions to the Cabinet of Ministers as well as the first results of the new service operation was presented in the Government Media Centre. The event was held with the participation of Chairman of the State Agency for e-governance in Ukraine Oleksandr Ryzhenko, Deputy Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Mykhailo Tіtarchuk and President of the Eastern Europe Foundation Viktor Liakh.

Deputy Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Mykhailo Tіtarchuk reported that during the first day of functioning of the e-petitions system almost 200 petitions were submitted, 120 of which have already been posted on the site, and others are being moderated. “This year, Ukraine has demonstrated the best dynamics of the e-governance development among other countries of the world – in comparison to 2014 we rose by 25 rating points and reached the 62nd place among 193 countries. It means that е-democracy is on the right track”, Mykhailo Tіtarchuk underlined.

In the words of Oleksandr Ryzhenko, as of today, electronic democracy is nothing new, but thanks to modern technologies it could be simplified and made more efficient, by providing citizens with more opportunities to influence the Government and help it be more effective. He also pointed out that the results of monitoring of the first day of operation of the new system showed that the petition concerning the establishment of a register of officials became the most popular one. He also reported on a few complaints which were rejected as they are not petitions.

“The system is being implemented with expert and financial support from the program “The Electronic Governance for Government Accountability and Community Participation” (EGAP), which is funded by the Swiss Confederation. In the course of our work we took into account the comments by the users of already existing е-petitions services, as well as the best international practices in electronic identification and other technologies that will guarantee maximum access for citizens and at the same time will contribute to avoiding fraud and ensuring reliable operation of the system”, – Viktor Liakh commented.

The citizens of Ukraine can submit electronic petitions to the Cabitet of of Ministers of Ukraine or sign those already submitted using this service

A petition shall poll not less than 25000 votes within 90 days to be considered by the Government. If a petition fails to receive sufficient votes, it will be considered as a collective submission.