From now on, parents may receive maternity grant online

On 10 March 2017, during the meeting of the government it was announced that a new electronic service in the area of social security had been launched in Ukraine — provision of maternity grant. The Ministry of Social Policy and the State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine presented a new service introduced with the support of the Swiss-Ukrainian joint programme e-Government for Accountability and Participation (EGAP) being implemented by the East Europe Foundation. From now on, a brand new quality of service is offered: parents may submit the required documents at any convenient time 24/7 via the Internet.

This e-service is already accessible via the Ministry of Social Policy’s portal, and subsequently, it will be possible to obtain that service via the Unified State Portal of Administrative Services, Automatically verified electronic forms of documents provided with prompt messages minimise to the highest possible degree any risks of errors when filling them in.

“Introduction of electronic services is one of the priorities of Ministry of Social Policy’s work,” said Olha Krentovska, the First Deputy Minister of Social Policy.

The results of the e-service rendered are submitted to the applicant. The important innovation is a reduction in numbers of documents required from the applicants; from now on, no copy of the registration certificate is required because due to the launch of electronic interaction between the Ministry of Social Policy and the Ministry of Justice, the officials of social welfare territorial directorates are able to verify availability of a respective certificate in the Register of Public Records.

“Today, we have made another important step towards real e-governance in Ukraine”, said Oleksandr Ryzhenko, the Head of the State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine. “Accessible and transparent, free of corruption, fast and convenient electronic administrative services are what the public and businesses expect most of all.”

“The EGAP Programme, with whose assistance the service was arranged, faces a very ambitious task to assist in the introduction of new electronic services in Ukraine, which are in demand among the general public. This service is the second one after the e-service providing the housing subsidies in the social sector among those launched during last half a year. We are planning to further broaden that list,” Viktor Liakh, the President of the East Europe Foundation, assured. “Our goal is assisting in establishment of European standards of quality of providing services to the public and businesses in Ukraine.”

Until now, submission of documents with the view to obtaining the grant was only possible in hard copy form. In 2016, about 400 thousand Ukrainians personally visited social security bodies, spending a lot of time for that purpose.

Due to automation, the process of consideration of the applicants’ submissions and making respective decisions to that effect have been consideration accelerated. Such innovations make it possible to save time, finance and minimise to the highest possible degree the risks of abuse or fraud.