From now on, business in ukraine can be registered online!

On 1 March 2017, the Ministry of Justice and the State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine presented new e-services in the area of state registration:

– for sole traders: state registration of a sole trader, amending records, including records in the register and cessation of business;

– for legal entities: state registration of  a legal entity and entering the data to that effect in the register.

The initiative has been implemented with the support of the Swiss-Ukrainian joint programme e-Government for Accountability and Participation (EGAP) implemented by the East Europe Foundation.

Until now, submission of documents was only possible in hard copy form. In 2016, over 1 million Ukrainians personally visited state registration bodies, spending a lot of time for that purpose.

From now on, a brand new quality of business servicing is offered. Undertakings may submit such documents at any convenient time 24/7 via the Internet, without spending a lot of time for that purpose.

“Today, I have the honour to present the launch of our online services on the unified state portal for administrative services — We launch the services together with our colleagues from the State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine”, said Pavlo Petrenko, the Minister of Justice.

According to him, these are the services in great demand among the Ukrainian businesses and the Ukrainian public. Among them, there is a number of online services for sole traders.

“Both on the Online Justice Hall and on the Governmental Portal, from now on, there is a full-fledged option of online registration as a sole trader. The same way, we provide access to such service as registration of changes in registration file of a sole trader. It is an extremely popular service used about 500,000 times annually. The third service offered to sole traders is suspension of a sole trader’s business. In order to avoid queues to file documents or instead of requesting bureaucrats to close your business, we now offer such an option of the Online Governmental portal”, the Minister of Justice informed the audience.

E-services are accessible via the online justice hall,, and via the Unified State Portal of Administrative Services, Automatically verified electronic forms of documents provided with prompt messages minimise to the highest possible degree any risks of errors when filling them in.

Due to automation, the process of consideration of the applicants’ submissions and making respective decisions to that effect have been consideration accelerated. Such innovations make it possible to save time, finance and minimise corruption risks to the highest possible degree.

“Today, we have made another important step towards real e-governance in Ukraine”, said Oleksandr Ryzhenko, the Head of the State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine. “Accessible and transparent, free of corruption, fast and convenient electronic administrative services are what the public and businesses expect most of all.”

The results of the e-service rendered, with the respective number in the unified register, are submitted to an undertaking. It is also possible to verify the fact of registration by accessing public information via the unified state register.

“The list of 20 basic services to be provided as e-services on a mandatory basis, has been approved in the European Union. The services relating to registration of businesses are among them,” said Viktor Liakh, the President of East Europe Foundation. “Our goal is assisting in establishment of European standards of quality of providing services to the public and businesses in Ukraine.”