Electronic Democracy in Action

22 cities, over 600 electronic petitions, and real change for the better!

These are the first results of operation of e-dem.in.ua, the electronic system for local petitions. Interestingly, the first electronic local petition was supported and resolved by Ternopil city administration; it concerned a somewhat awkward situation, requesting to “Remove a kiosk from the bicycle lane”. We hope that Ternopil cyclists have become active supporters of e-democracy.

indexHowever, the largest number of local petitions relates to municipal transport: optimizing routes, improving the condition of bus stop, etc. Strong debates are stirred up by e-petitions requesting removal of unauthorized street markets, whereas e-petitions for city beautification, parks, recreation areas, etc., receive significant support. Nearly every city has raised the issues regarding control of stray animals.

As a reminder, the system was implemented on October 1, 2015, in the course of the “Electronic Governance for Government Accountability and Community Participation” (EGAP) program funded by the Swiss Confederation and implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation and InnovaBridge Foundation in partnership with the State Agency for Electronic Governance.

A total of 22 cities have joined the system so far, and many more are pending.

Local electronic petitions are a significant test of the democratic maturity of both local government agencies and local communities.

Initiate, support, and influence via e-dem.in.ua!

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