EGAP CHALLENGE ideathon in the area of environment

Egap Challnege Ideathon is a one-day crash-test and selection of the projects in the area of Environment for their participation in the incubation programme.

Egap Challenge Ideathon in the area of Environment took place on 14 February 2017.

Ideathon was conducted with the previously selected teams or the teams created during the event in a format of workshops and intensive courses with the mentors and experts specializing in the topic at issue and in the adjacent fields of knowledge, with the view to improving and verification of the ideas proposed and the teams’ ability to launch the project.

Selfie with the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, superheroes on the guard of the country’s radiation security, precious plastics, 3D-travels to the national reserves, environmental crime, air quality monitoring, first interviews the TV-channels, superstar beagle, litres of coffee and the sea of smiles!

The environmental projects ideathon has passed with flags flying, in a company of friends and an A-class team of mentors. It is always difficult to choose the winners. We cheer for each team we took on-board and wish all of them rapid growth.

We thank the project teams for their participation in the ideathon and hope we hear good news about their projects in the news-feeds and on the front pages of newspapers. You are worth it 🙂

The following projects have been selected for the Egap Challenge incubation programme:

The environmental monitoring tool which systematises and publishes the data on the state of the environment. The users receive the results of the environmental and pollutants monitoring for the location they select (district, city/town).

Precious plastic

The technological project of processing waste into items and products which are useful for people (flowerpots, lampshades, household stuffs, armchairs) and the city (park benches) and which can be obtained or presented via a web-site virtual account of the plastics collected.

The portal makes it possible to solve the problems with keeping track of animals in the urban area, their vaccination; as well as solving the problems with the stray pets. The web-platform unites all specialists in the area of handling pets on the basis of a single platform.

Our congratulations to the winners!