E-Services in Land Relations

As a reminder, in 2015 the State Agency for Electronic Governance and the State Service of Ukraine for Geodesy, Cartography, and Cadastre implemented three highly popular electronic services in the area of land transactions: extract from the state land cadastre (July 2015), extract on regulatory evaluation and appraisal of a land plot, and access to details of land plot owners or custodians (October 2015), available at map.land.gov.ua.

The current results of e-services are as follows:

  1. Extract from the state land cadastre:
  • 15,805 electronic applications received;
  • 15,758 responses given, of which: 13,532 extracts (85.87%) and 2,226 refusals (14.13%);
  • the number of applications received continuously increases, from 796 in July to 4,233 in December;
  • the largest number of extracts was provided in Kyiv (4,551), Odesa (1,712), Poltava (1,646), Kharkiv (1,571), and Dnipropetrovsk (1,208) Oblasts.
  1. Extract on Regulatory Evaluation and Appraisal:
  • 2,453 electronic applications received;
  • 2,034 responses given, of which: 1,596 extracts (78.47%) and 438 refusals (21.53%);
  • the largest number of extracts were provided in Kyiv (405) and Odesa (340) Oblasts, city of Kyiv (178), as well as Zhytomyr (160) and Vinnytsia (88) Oblasts.
  1. Access to Information on Land Plot Owners:
  • 408637 views of information on land plot owners or custodians;
  • 1,106 users have used EDS and 11,066 BankIDs, of which 11,066 used BankIDs issued by Privatbank and 644 by Oshchadbank;
  • the largest number of information views were made in Kyiv (80,483), Poltava (25,174), Dnipropetrovsk (24,766), Khmelnytskyi (24,538), and Odesa (19,557) Oblasts.

Electronic services in the land sector have become the first ones to use BankID alternative electronic identification system at national level.

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