Chernivtsi Joins the E-Petitions System

Oleksii Kaspruk, the Mayor of Chernivtsi, and Viktor Liakh, the head of the Eastern Europe Foundation, signed a Memorandum on participation in the joint project of an electronic e-petitions system in the EGAP Program on March 23, 2016 in City Hall. Chernivtsi residents will have the opportunity to create electronic petitions, sign the petitions that have been published, and keep track of the review of petitions via the Unified Local Electronic Petitions System.


“We have good experience of cooperation with the Eastern Europe Foundation gained while developing the Open City platform for Chernivtsi. Today, we are signing the Memorandum on participation in another joint project, which should be useful for the Chernivtsi community. We hope this will help citizens to take a more active part in city governance, promote transparency and accessibility of local government,” said Mayor Oleksii Kaspruk.

“The experience of cooperation with the city of Chernivtsi during development of the Open City platform has already shown that the city’s authorities are highly responsive to citizens’ petitions. We are pleased to say that Chernivtsi is a very active city,” said Viktor Liakh.

The electronic form of community participation in the city’s governance, as well as the procedures of filing and review of electronic petitions, are stipulated in the Chernivtsi Local Community Charter approved in September 2015. The first electronic petition in Chernivtsi was registered on October 23, 2015. As of March 20, there were 297 electronic petitions registered in Chernivtsi, 52 of which have received the required support from  citizens, 53 are at the voting stage, and 192 have been reviewed as group appeals. The electronic form of participation in the city governance is popular among residents of Chernivtsi and is an effective mechanism to increase the activity of citizens and organize a dialog with the government.

In order to improve the process, ensure maximum accessibility, and prevent automatic entry, including signature of electronic petitions without the participation of citizens, the Chernivtsi community is offered to join the electronic local petitions system,, which was presented on March 23, 2016, in the presence of Mayor Oleksii Kaspruk and Viktor Liakh, chairman of the Eastern Europe Foundation.

The aforementioned electronic system is in use by 48 Ukrainian communities, particularly local councils of various levels in 17 Oblasts of Ukraine. At the moment, over 3,000 petitions are registered in the system.

The system was established in the course of the Electronic Governance for Government Accountability and Community Participation (EGAP) Program funded by the Swiss Confederation and implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation and InnovaBridge foundation in partnership with the State Agency for Electronic Governance. The program to be implemented in 2015-2019 is intended to apply modern information and communication technologies to help improve the quality of government, cooperation between the government and citizens, and promote the development of social innovations in Ukraine.