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    Public services in electronic or online format are an important component of e-democracy. E-government anticipates availability of infrastructure for inter-agency automated information interaction of public and self-governance authorities with citizens and business entities. In real-world terms this means that cooperation between government agencies and, as a result, provision of public services become more efficient, prompt, require less resources.

    Within the framework of “E-services” component, the EGAP Program:

    • Creates and implements public online services;
    • Transforms and optimizes functioning of centers for administrative services provision;
    • Introduces technological solutions which make centers for administrative services provision more convenient for citizens, and considers needs of all target population groups (digital cases, electronic queues, software, etc.);
    • Trains public officials, heads of IT-departments at ministries and self-governance authorities, managers and staff of centers for administrative services provision.

    Particular attention is paid to administrative and social services. Our mission is to help public authorities at national, regional and district levels digitalize public services for citizens and business. Therefore, we aim at improving their quality, facilitate access to them for citizens and business as well as mitigate corruption risks. For this purpose, we are working on informational support to pilot regions, development of centers for administrative services provision and introduction of electronic public services at a national level.

    The EGAP Program helps 40 selected pilot centers for administrative services provision reorganize in order to provide administrative services in accordance with national standards and through the use of modern technologies. In particular, it provides technological support. And also works on creation or improvement of regional portals for administrative services provision which would interact with nationwide electronic resources.


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