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    Although the implementation of e-governance is one of the priorities in Ukraine, statistics show that public awareness about what the e-governance sphere encompasses is relatively low. According to the KMIS survey requested by the EGAP program in pilot oblasts, only 26% of respondents said they understand what electronic governance is. This figure is certainly higher among civil servants as well as government and local self-governance officials, although the situation requires improvement. One of the tasks of the EGAP program is achieving improvement in this area by implementing new education programs for different target groups in order to implement e-governance into the education landscape and implement modern tools providing access to training on e-governance for civil servants, government and local self-governance officials, as well as for students, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders.

    It is currently very important to implement training programs which would significantly improve the knowledge and skills level and systematize civil servants’ and citizens’ general knowledge of the essence of e-governance, its constituent elements, and related processes.

    Unfortunately, comprehensive training programs on this subject are practically non-existent in higher education institutions or civil service training institutions.

    Therefore, one priority of the EGAP Program in this area is to create capabilities for online training of civil servants using the facilities of the Ukrainian Presidential National Academy of Public Administration and implement a course among the disciplines included in continuing training programs for civil servants.

    A separate area is implementing a special optional course in Ukrainian universities.

    In addition, the program team will work on developing training capabilities for the non-governmental sector, after studying the needs of non-governmental organizations and using the most advanced training formats such as webinars.

    We plan to prepare a network of coaches among non-governmental organizations working in adjacent areas and promote this knowledge across the country by training interested organizations. Besides, the program will look for ways to conduct campaigns for promoting e-governance among the public.


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